Cuevas de Sorbas

Enter the largest underground system in Spain and explore the impressive caves and galleries of this "karstic" plaster complex in Almería. Ideal for a first contact with caving!

We meet in the visitor centre of the karst caves of Sorbas to hear safety rules and receive helmets and lights with which we can properly illuminate the galleries.

We visit a plaster cave where we can admire the reflection of the mineral crystals with the light from our helmets. While crossing the galleries we will observe the effect that the erosion of the water and the passage of time have caused in the plaster rock.

We will explore the Cueva del Yeso, accompanied by a specialized tracking voice monitor. The Cave of Barranco del Infierno, as it is also known, was formed thousands of years ago and was the first of the complex to be discovered. The underground karst system of Sorbas collects water from rain and floods and evacuates it through the galleries. In this large cave we will examine firsthand the effect of the water in the formation of the rock.

The route usually takes between an hour and a half  to two hours. After a tour through the caves of Sorbas we return outside.

To keep in mind

  • It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and sports shoes without heels.
  • In the cave it is not too cold, so the clothing can be adjusted to the time of the year. In an emergency, overalls and boots can be rented.
  • In some places of the route you have to climb and crawl a bit, so the route is aimed at fit people.
  • It is necessary that young children can walk independently.
  • This activity is not recommended for people suffering from acute claustrophobia, heart problems, asthma or fatigue, pregnant women and people with a high degree of obesity.
  • It is forbidden to take photos and / or videos in the caves